Advocacy Services

GPs often act as advocates for patients when dealing with issues in the hospital or by making sure that their patients’ and/or families’ voices are heard when a decision is needed about their care.

Advocacy involves looking at choices together and helping patients to make decisions. It may be writing a letter of support or communicating on behalf of the patient.

Patient Ambasadors (Social Prescribers)

How we can help.

  • Help and support with non-medical issues e.g. housing, debts, mental health, bereavement, refugee/asylum seeker issues and benefits.
  • Support clients to access Health & Social Care where needed. This will include supporting patients at meetings and acting as advocates.
  • Offer peer support groups e.g. sleep well and mental health
  • Work with other third sector organisations in the community to break down barriers for patients and help them to access information they need.

More information and contact details are here.

When advocates who are not part of social services or the NHS are needed, they can be found in Leeds at: